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For Swing Traders & Day Traders The 4 Most Traded ETF's Are Commodities ETF's. Oil, Gold, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas. 

Updated weekly on Sunday. Also, you join my live broadcast on YouTube every

Sunday at 8 PM EST

The links below are to my personal chart zones for each of these stocks futures and their ETF's. You'll find that each zone is explained as to why I drew the zones.

For more information and help with learning to find zones. Join me on WeTradeHQ for my mentorship programs.

Join my mentorship members & me for a live stream on YouTube each Sunday.

My live stream starts 5:50 PM EST / 2:50 PM PST.

I perform a breakdown of 1 random stock including how I create my "Price Action" zones.

Afterward I cover talking about a few other tickers called out by the public as well as my usual ETF's and other Equity Stocks.

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